Wonder Woman in Us All

Throughout the month of October we are celebrating the empowered woman!  As much as we want to raise awareness for the prevention of domestic abuse, we also want to celebrate empowered women, who are proving women can be strong, fierce, and powerful!  Through this project, we wanted to show that we all have a little Wonder Woman in us!  So each model was adorned with a little piece of her Wonder Woman gear, and represents a different profession or walk of life…


Jamie joined us after having recently finished her Ph.D.  We were so impressed by her accomplishment!!  It was a true pleasure getting to talk to Jamie about her life and education.  She was nervous at first, but she warmed right up and the end product is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations Jamie on your accomplishments and we wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors!


One of our very own Pinup Girls, Lady Bordeaux did an amazing job representing a nurse straight out of the 1940’s.  Lady Bordeaux is also an animal rights activist in our community.  She cares for a local community of cats, feeding and observing their needs each week.  We’re so proud of the work she does!  Here you see her wielding the lasso of truth.  The truth is, we all have some Wonder Woman in us!


Meg is a Combat Medic in the Army National Guard…a TRUE super hero!!! Meg, we salute your bravery and service to our community, state, and country.  Meg is an absolute bombshell, with a huge heart!  We are so honored that you joined us for this event!  As you can see, she’s a real heart breaker!



Roxanna was an ABSOLUTE joy to work with!!! She is used to being behind the camera, so this was a new experience for her! As you can see, she was channeling some Lucille Ball!!  Here she portrays “Rosie the Riveter”, who represented the women who went to work in the factories when so many husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers went off to fight in the war! You did a wonderful job Roxanna! We’re so thankful that you joined us for this event!


Here’s our own Pinup Girl Roxxy Ringlets, in her favorite role…SUPER Mom!!   Mom’s are everything! From nurse, chauffeur, therapist, plumber, monster chaser, pillow and blanket, chef and waitress…there’s nothing mom cannot do!! Every mom truly has some Wonder Woman in her!

Roxxy had such a fun time posing with her little prince for this photo session!  We’re super excited for Roxxy’s upcoming wedding! Congratulations Roxxy!


Our own Liza Mackay, and photographer, jumped in on the shoot too!! She chose to represent SUPER mom as well!  This really was a terrific shoot!! You can see behind the scenes snips and see us in action by visiting the infortwayne.com link “Pinup Photography for a Cause” is the title of our video journal posted Tuesday, October 3.

Thank you for following us! If you’re interested in getting involved with our organization  or you’re a photographer who would like to work with any of our models, you can email us at summitcitypinups@gmail.com for more information.

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