The Goddess Within


This summer, the Summit City Pinups came together for a concept shoot that left us all in complete awe! Each pinup chose a Goddess of lore to portray, and then created their “look” and costume based on the story of that Goddess…

The object was to celebrate the Goddess in each of us.  Every woman could identify with some aspect of the Goddess she chose.  What came about was nothing short of stunning!  These women are an absolute delight and being surrounded by their charming personalities, and creative spirits is awe inspiring!  Their mission is to empower women to be true to their inner Goddess and embrace their femininity.

Over the coming week, we’ll be sharing photos from this shoot, and we hope you’ll be as inspired as we were!


Skye Milan portrayed Artemis, and boy did she nail it! Her look was self made and we think she did a great job! She looks ready for the hunt!


Roxxy Ringlets did a MASTERFUL job on her portrayal of Pan…and we gotta say…she’s just adorable!  And, yes…those are hooves!


Scarlet Harkness chose to portray Persephone.  Her costume was self made and her flowers even glow!  Absolutely gorgeous!


DeDe Dandurand portrayed Calypso…and the plot thickens here as you’ll see, there comes a point when a man must choose…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Vixen VanHelsing is her name…and sexy is her game!! Here she’s portraying Hecate.  She plays the role so well! We adore her dark side!










Our own Bette Lovegood chose to personify Blodeuwedd…who is turned into an owl after killing her lover…


Luna Lucite did a fabulous job as Selena/Luna….  Who wouldn’t love to be showered in her glow!?



And here is Penni Layne as Circe….turning men into pigs and takin’ names!  This absolutely stunning set was shot at Lakeside park fountain…


Nyx, the Lady of the Night



Barbara Brentwood chose the scary, Medusa!  From head to toe she thought of all the little details! It was a brilliant costume! What a fantastic job she did!




Our Lady Bordeaux is seen portraying Rhea Queen of the Titans… All hail Rhea!









Liza Mackay chose Aphrodite, born of the sea, as her Goddess…From the shells in her hair to the barefoot sandals clad with shells and beads, she missed no detail!



Portrayed here is Morrigan, Goddess of War and Death.  Stevie James did an AMAZING job with props, hair and makeup by Billie James.



And here is Miss Billie James….just about as creepy as you will ever see her!!  She’s seen here portraying Mania….the Goddess of madness and insanity… Um…yah, she nailed it!


Lastly, is Miss Dulce Dream as Aine, Celtic Goddess of love and fertility later known as the Faery Queen.  This hand/homemade costume photographed deliciously!!! Well done Dulce!


If you’ve enjoyed these, stay tuned for Wave II coming out next Monday!! This is just Wave I!!! We had SO MANY models and SO MANY photos, I couldn’t release them all at one time!!!

To the ladies who participated, thank you! You did such a wonderful job and your patience has been so appreciated!! I bow down to you Goddess’ who make my job as a photographer so very fun!!!

If you have a favorite Summit City Pinup, be sure to find her on Facebook, and show her love!! All our thanks!!



Wonder Woman in Us All

Throughout the month of October we are celebrating the empowered woman!  As much as we want to raise awareness for the prevention of domestic abuse, we also want to celebrate empowered women, who are proving women can be strong, fierce, and powerful!  Through this project, we wanted to show that we all have a little Wonder Woman in us!  So each model was adorned with a little piece of her Wonder Woman gear, and represents a different profession or walk of life…


Jamie joined us after having recently finished her Ph.D.  We were so impressed by her accomplishment!!  It was a true pleasure getting to talk to Jamie about her life and education.  She was nervous at first, but she warmed right up and the end product is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations Jamie on your accomplishments and we wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors!


One of our very own Pinup Girls, Lady Bordeaux did an amazing job representing a nurse straight out of the 1940’s.  Lady Bordeaux is also an animal rights activist in our community.  She cares for a local community of cats, feeding and observing their needs each week.  We’re so proud of the work she does!  Here you see her wielding the lasso of truth.  The truth is, we all have some Wonder Woman in us!


Meg is a Combat Medic in the Army National Guard…a TRUE super hero!!! Meg, we salute your bravery and service to our community, state, and country.  Meg is an absolute bombshell, with a huge heart!  We are so honored that you joined us for this event!  As you can see, she’s a real heart breaker!



Roxanna was an ABSOLUTE joy to work with!!! She is used to being behind the camera, so this was a new experience for her! As you can see, she was channeling some Lucille Ball!!  Here she portrays “Rosie the Riveter”, who represented the women who went to work in the factories when so many husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers went off to fight in the war! You did a wonderful job Roxanna! We’re so thankful that you joined us for this event!


Here’s our own Pinup Girl Roxxy Ringlets, in her favorite role…SUPER Mom!!   Mom’s are everything! From nurse, chauffeur, therapist, plumber, monster chaser, pillow and blanket, chef and waitress…there’s nothing mom cannot do!! Every mom truly has some Wonder Woman in her!

Roxxy had such a fun time posing with her little prince for this photo session!  We’re super excited for Roxxy’s upcoming wedding! Congratulations Roxxy!


Our own Liza Mackay, and photographer, jumped in on the shoot too!! She chose to represent SUPER mom as well!  This really was a terrific shoot!! You can see behind the scenes snips and see us in action by visiting the link “Pinup Photography for a Cause” is the title of our video journal posted Tuesday, October 3.

Thank you for following us! If you’re interested in getting involved with our organization  or you’re a photographer who would like to work with any of our models, you can email us at for more information.

Life Emulating Art

The concept behind this series is that each Pinup Girl will find pinup art that they love and emulate it in photograph form.  So our Luna Lucite was first up.  She wanted to do a photo session with her poochy Griff.  She sent me several art files that she wanted to emulate and we met at the old TekVenture building on Broadway St., next to the GE buildings, to shoot this AMAZING and vibrant set.  Griff was absolutely, positively photo perfect! (So was Luna!!)  This whole session took less than thirty minutes! And we had so much fun!  Check out Luna’s set and then take a peek at what her inspirations were! You’ll find she nailed it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And here is the inspiration behind Luna’s gorgeous Life Emulating Art session:


As you can see, Luna researched what she wanted her photos to look like, even found some inspiration in actual vintage photos, and put together her entire set.  From the wardrobe, hair and makeup, to the poochy…she has it all!!! (This is why she’s our Styling Director!)

If you’re interested in shooting with the Summit City Pinups, LLP you can contact us via email at  We’ll be happy to book a session for you.  We do provide coaching on hair, make up, and wardrobe.  Click on the Facebook link to find more of our work and read reviews about the experience other women have had with our organization.



The Voice That Echoes




October is Domestic Abuse Awareness month.  In order to bring awareness to domestic abuse and the victims and survivors, we wanted to create an emotionally stirring pictorial of the damage abuse causes to the human psyche.  Seven women joined photographer Sarah Wells, from Seven Sun Photography, for a difficult, but important, concept photo shoot.

The photos show women in black and white, with words uttered by the voice that echoes in their mind, written on their body; whether it be their own voice, the voice of an abusive partner, or the abuse of a parent or loved one.  The words were difficult to write, difficult to read, and especially difficult to photograph.

The photographs were done in black and white to portray the lack of color, life, and happiness in the life of a victim of domestic abuse.  Women will give up friends, family, hobbies, and things they truly enjoy, to preserve the sanctity and happiness within their home.  “It’s like walking on broken egg shells; you’re just never sure what is going to set them off.” said photographer Sarah Wells, a survivor of domestic abuse herself.

The blindfolds are indicative of the blind love that women in domestic abuse situations grasp to as a means to justify their commitment to the relationship. It represents the lengths women will go to to protect their abuser because they believe that he will change, or that things will get better, or sometimes, even that the abuse is deserved.  In terms of hearing her own voice, the blindfold is meant to represent the beauty women fail to see in themselves…essentially, blind to her own beauty and self-worth.

The black hand prints placed over the mouth of each woman is the representation of the female voice that is silenced in so many contexts.  Women are either too ashamed, to fearful, or too in denial to speak up for themselves.  It is also meant to represent the idea that our photos speak for themselves.  Nothing else needs said.



Summit City Pinup member Stevie James

“I felt compelled to participate to give a voice to my friends and family members that have been a victim of Domestic Abuse/Violence.  Posing with this group of strong women was a complete honor, especially knowing that many them are survivors of Domestic Abuse.”

“I love each one of these remarkable ladies and am so blessed to be a part of their sisterhood.”




Summit City Pinup member Amanda

“Last night was a challenging and wonderful experience for me. I got to participate in a shoot that was therapeutic and soul crushing at the same time. Having the worst things you’ve heard written on your body is eye opening and sad. To all the wonderful women who have ever heard phrases such as…”you have as pretty face for as fat girl” or “you are worthless” or “if you just lost some weight, you could be really pretty” or “no one will believe you” or “if you move, it will just hurt worse”…. you are more than those words. You are more than that person deserves. You are beautiful.”



Summit City Pinup member Anna

“It’s so strange thinking about the things wrote down because when I saw those words I separated the girl from them because I thought those in NO WAY define the person I know, but then you remember that girl has heard or told themselves they do and it’s like a punch to the gut, so powerful- you are a beautiful, brave and I love you”




Summit City Pinup member Dede Dandurand

After being in therapy twice, it took a break up with a narcissist for me to realize that my responses to life and relationships is borne from my relationship with a narcissistic mother. Now, with my third therapist I’m able to understand their illness and how and why it spills over onto me. Therapeutic work is like slithering out from under the rock that ran you over. The sunlight is too bright and the heat too intense. You can only handle small doses and build your tolerance to the light. I encourage anyone who KNOWS they have been silent about physical, emotional, or verbal abuse and the names of their abusers STOP now and slither out from under your rock. Get help and bring light to it! Love and peace. Dede Dandurand

DeDe Dandurand



Summit City Pinup member Dulce Dream

“When it begins it is gradual, you don’t realize its happening. Small things, like your shortcomings being pointed out jokingly. Until him belittling you is as commonplace as breathing. You begin to lose Who You Are. All that’s left is what he has made you. A sad creature that you don’t recognize.”




Summit City Pinup member Melissa

“I really needed this.”




Summit City Pinups President: Liza Mackay

“This concept was something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  As a victim of domestic abuse, I felt like it was a message that would speak clearly and loudly.  It was also a way for me to work through some of my own emotions about my abuse  I’m so proud of these ladies who joined us for this shoot.  These images are stirring, and painful to look at, but the message is so important.”

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, do not let your voice be silenced! Speak out and stand up.  We implore you to seek help.