October is Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness Month…

From the Founder, President, and Photographer: Sarah Wells


The Summit City Pinups, LLP will spend the month of October raising awareness for domestic abuse and violence victims through a series of, what we’ll call: photo essays.  The photos are poignant, and thought provoking.  Meant to evoke emotions that are uncomfortable and hard to explain, the photo essays will draw attention and awareness for victims who have been affected or survived domestic abuse situations.

The first of the series is titled “The Voice the Echos”.  Models volunteered to have words and phrases written on their bodies that abusers have said to them, words that now echo in their mind…and heart.  It was an emotional experience to see women we know and love having such hateful and hurtful sentiments written all over their near naked bodies.  The response from each woman has been powerful!

The second essay in the series is titled “Wonder Woman in Us All”.  This series was a paid photo event that members, and non-members, were part of to show how we each have a little Wonder Woman in us.  Each model signed a release and is happily sharing their images with the SCPU, LLP organization to help raise awareness and encourage empowerment to individuals who are struggling with domestic abuse.

The third and final essay is titled, “The Masquerade”.  This will show each pinup model in her full and amazing, pinned to perfection look…with a little twist!  You’ll have to come back to find out what the twist is!

We want to reach out to women and individuals who are being abused, or have been affected in some way, or abused themselves but are now healing….  We want to tell you, you’re not alone.  While we  are raising money and awareness, and we are not an agency that can assist you in the recovery process, we can happily point you in the right direction and offer what assistance we can.

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